Nile Company Vision

Nile Company for Industry and Equipment always has a mission of surpassing quality control, excelling in delivery time, and advancing in technology. The supportive system and chain of operations in the company with the resilience of founder and owner Eng. Mohamed Bourhan, has pushed, and will always keep pushing for the determined mission of success.

Nile Company Mission

The introduction of the rolling shutter product in the Egyptian market was prevalent by Nile Company in 1995. At that time, the vision of the company was to make the rolling shutter product a necessity for the consumer for many reasons of which it will elevate the quality of the consumer’s life. 25 years later, Nile Company has educated the market, distributor, and consumer, on the essential being of this product.

Integrity. Perseverance. Innovation. Inspiration. Quality.

Integrity  with clients and trusted employees. 
Perseverance  in product delivery and resilience in quality expectations.  
Innovation  in technology and advancement of machinery surpassing every milestone. 
Inspiration  is key to strive on development in surpassing enhancement of quality of life for it is boundless. 
Quality  in selection of products is the optimum benchmark of Nile Company for it is the frame that collects all aspect in one outcome.